Digital Sponsorships:

The Future Of Event Sponsorships

What is a Digital Sponsorship?
Simply put, a digital sponsorship is an extension of your current sponsorship packages in which sponsors can take advantage of the impressions that your event is getting as a result of your digital advertising. A sponsor can choose to provide your event with additional advertising dollars which will help you sell more tickets to your event, and in exchange their brand will be heavily featured in the ads that you are running to promote your event.

Why Should I Sell Digital Sponsorships?
If your event is already selling sponsorships opportunities, then digital sponsorships are an absolute no brainer. They are a completely new, additional source of revenue for your event, and can more than DOUBLE your sponsorship inventory. They also serve as means to generate additional advertising dollars which in turn will help you sell more tickets to your event by reaching a larger audience for zero additional out of pocket expense.

Why Should I Become A Digital Sponsor?
If you are interested in sponsoring an event that is offering digital sponsorship packages, you will have the opportunity to reach an exponentially larger audience than with a traditional sponsorship alone. You will have greater control over how your brand is positioned when new potential customers see you, you will help the event to grow which gets you in front of more people, you will grow your following on social media, and you will be able to reach additional people that never even attended the event! 


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